COVID-19 update – A message to suppliers

21st May 2020

With much regret, we are writing to advise you that the InnOvaTe Internet of Things proof of concept competition(reference DN460024) has been cancelled.

Having considered the impact of the COVID-19 emergency, and the implications of current Government guidance released last week, we have taken this difficult decision because;

  • staff who had originally committed to support the programme across the five borough partnerships have now been redeployed to work on priorities associated with public health and service recovery.
  • the Council service areas that we anticipated suppliers partnering with to deliver the competition winning projects do not currently have the capacity to take on additional work outside of their core business;
  • as we move into the post-Covid 19 environment – the “new normal” – it is becoming evident that the strategic outcomes that Councils require from the InnOvaTe programme are likely to change.

We are very disappointed to cancel the competition. The response we received was enthusiastic, supportive and very encouraging and we want to thank all of you who submitted bids for the work that you put in to get your bids to us.

It’s now time for us to take stock of what the crisis means for the future direction of the programme.

Once the public health emergency subsides and the social and economic position stabilises we will be clearer about what that is.

It is likely that we will consider the launch of another competition – reworked to address the changed circumstances. We’ll be notifying suppliers, in that event, via the usual channels.

In the interim, thanks for your interest, which we do hope will continue. It is much appreciated.

Best wishes 


Amanda Cherrington, Head of Economic Renewal and Regeneration at Sutton Council & Programme Sponsor for the InnOvaTe Project