Support sensors provide early benefits for vulnerable residents in Sutton

4 March 2021

Earlier this year, Sutton and Richmond Councils announced their partnership with IoT Solutions Group (IoTSG) to pilot 200 in-home sensors across Sutton Housing Partnership (SHP) and Richmond Housing Partnership (RPH) properties. The first phase of 100 sensors in Sutton has already been deployed.

The single sensors are battery powered, connected by a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) and placed in the kitchens of the participants. They require no Wi-Fi broadband connection or mains power. 

The solution allows council officers to be alerted when residents may require assistance, without the need to keep disturbing the residents or placing an extra task on the Independant Living Officers (ILO).

The installation of the sensors has already started to reap rewards. Within the first week, the solution detected a drop in activity levels of two residents that had experienced ill-health and injury, and its automated alert notified the Independent Living Officers (ILO).

In one instance, the alert allowed the ILOs to support an elderly resident who had fallen, raising an alert for urgent medical support. In the second incident, having received the alert, an ILO called a family member of the resident who then visited the property and found that her relative was unwell on the sofa and unable to raise the alarm. 

Without this early intervention the residents would have laid unattended for far longer and potentially experienced far more serious issues. This indicates the powerful human impact that data insights can provide, and the Sutton teams are pleased they have been able to intervene earlier than would have otherwise been possible.  

Alongside this, the solution has identified several incidents of potential resident fuel poverty, helping the ILOs to intervene appropriately. 

Councillor Sunita Gordon, Lead Member for Finance and Resources at Sutton, said:

“I’d like to thank Sutton Council colleagues, Sutton Housing Partnership and IoT Solutions Group Ltd for their hard work to make this happen.”

“We are glad to see the immediate impact this trial is making and that the sensors are already bringing positive outcomes to our residents.” 

Emma Mahy, CEO of IoT Solutions Group, said:

“We are extremely pleased with how the roll out has proceeded. The early impact that is already visible is, without doubt, down to strong collaboration and enthusiasm amongst the councils, the housing partnerships, Independent Living Officers and our team at IoT Solutions Group.

We are hugely excited to continue this work with the partnership to bring benefit to more residents throughout the area and help them maintain their independence.”