Upcoming opportunities for suppliers to deploy IoT technology in South London boroughs

14 April 2021

As further lockdown restrictions are eased and we move towards a ‘new normal’, additional opportunities will shortly be announced for suppliers operating within IoT. These will support the InnOvaTe Project pilot solutions across the South London Partnership boroughs to help people live better, healthier lives.

Below are a list of upcoming opportunities for suppliers to get involved in:

Car park monitoring at Beddington Park 

Objective: To prevent conflicts between local residents and police / park visitors due to the significant increase in park usage.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant increase in the number of residents who used Sutton’s parks – whether for daily exercise, to get fresh air or to improve their mental wellbeing.

Beddington Park has had historical issues with parking as the central car park by the Pavillion Cafe is accessed by a single track lane. During busy times the car park fills up and blocks access as vehicles continue to come in, generating complaints from residents and the police who are keen to resolve this issue.

To combat this, the InnOvaTe Project team aims to utilise IoT technology to identify how many spots in the car park are filled. This will enable a barrier to allow one new car in for every car which leaves the car park, in addition to the provision of clear signage to direct drivers to alternative car park entrances. 

Gullies and Culverts (Lead boroughs – London Borough of Sutton, Royal Borough of Kingston)

Objective: Deploying sensors to help understand the true water flow volumes and capacity in selected areas across the boroughs to prevent flooding.

In Sutton and Kingston, the Councils are responsible for coordinating the management of flood risk from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses. The Councils follow the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 to identify who is responsible for different types of flooding and take appropriate action to reduce the risk of flooding. 

The InnOvaTe Project team aims to deploy sensors in six known hotspots within the boroughs to identify which areas are at most risk of flooding, helping council services to take early action to reduce these risks when needed. 

Car park control barrier monitoring

Objective: To assist the reduction of unauthorised access to car parks outside of hours.

Within Sutton there have been a number of instances of unauthorised vehicles entering car parks illegally and creating encampments and fly tipping. As a result, it has cost the Council time and resources to move groups on and clear away rubbish and other remains from site as soon as those encamped have left.

Early intervention means that the vehicles can be stopped at the very early stages and the issue can be resolved by the Police without costs being incurred. 

The Council has previously invested heavily in barriers to prevent oversized vehicles entering the sites. However, these are secured by padlocks and are sometimes removed illegally.

By installing IoT technology on the security gates, this would generate alerts to the Council and Police if the gates are opened beyond a set time, to inform and enable the appropriate person to take action before the camps are set up.

Get involved

We will soon be inviting bids to deliver these three projects. Sutton Council tender opportunities are released on the London Tenders website where you can search and apply for tenders.

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