The University of Essex was commissioned by the South London Partnership (SLP) to evaluation various IoT (Internet of Things) trials gathered under the InnOvaTe Programme heading and implemented across the London boroughs of Croydon, Merton, Richmond upon Thames, Sutton, and the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames.

The SLP founded the InnOvaTe Programme with the objective of developing and delivering further detailed study and pilot work to be carried out as the foundation for a sustainable South London multi-purpose IoT platform. This programme connects various IoT enabled sensors across council boundaries, with the aim to improve economic growth and service provision, as well as making use of the new data. In addition, key findings are expected to reveal: a) the skills and resources that will be required by local authorities to utilise IoT technologies going forward and to inform smarter spending; b) how the public and businesses respond to the deployment of sensors; and c) what, if any, lessons can be used to inform communication strategies and methods of sharing data moving forward.

SLP has deployed Internet of things (IoT) technologies across the five boroughs, funded by the London Councils Business Rates Retention scheme, administered by the City of London Corporation. The award of £4 million was matched with a funding pledge of £750k in officer time broken down as £150k per SLP borough.

The University of Essex has put together two documents highlighting the key recommendations found within the full reports on phases one and two of the project.

Below you will find the evaluation reports presented in full by the University of Essex: